Eugene, the mouse, would like a go-kart.
How can he build one?  Read the story and learn of his creative thinking and imagination!

"Eugene and His Go-Kart Machine" is the story of a mouse who is inspired to build himself a go-kart after seeing the neighbor boy driving one. Kids ages 4-7 will enjoy reading about Eugene's adventure with creating his own toy!

Written by Lynn C. Skinner, the stories are geared toward encouraging creative thinking and problem solving. Colorful illustrations by Polly Rushton, Pharis Davis and Ingrid Dohm bring the stories to life.

Eugene wants a go-kart but how is a mouse to get this item?
Read Eugene's solution using creative thinking and problem solving.
Eugene always liked the idea of helping others. 
However, when Christine presents an idea to him, 
Eugene struggles to make the correct decision,.
Accepting responsibility for a mistake is difficult 
but often joy follows an apology.
Accepting friends who are different is often difficult. 
Discover how Eugene makes a positive decision.
Every hobby is not appropriate for every type of character.
Eugene, the mouse, must discover interesting lessons about this activity.
Eugene, the mouse, likes to drive his go-kart.
On a recent ride, he makes an interesting discovery
and then must make an important decision.

A party implies delicious food.  
However, Eugene must learn that he is not always a welcomed guest.  
In this book discover his positive solution to a difficult situation.
Dolly faces many challenges every day, yet she is always happy. 
As you read this book, you will learn many of her secrets.

We must all adapt to our challenges of life.
 As you read this book, you might like the decisions made by Alex.

Inspiration comes in many ways. Look and observe signs of sharing and caring every day.


Bandit the cat likes to wander in his garden.
With watchful eyes, he enjoys the movement and colors of nature.
Following Bandit's example, perhaps you will learn the joy of seeing the beauty around you.
Nominated for a Caldecott Award 2017 for illustrations by Ingrid Dohm.
(Google: Kirkus reviews bandit's garden)

Follow Kate through the seasons as she plans, plants,
and harvests her garden with nature's helpers.

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