Lynn C. Skinner, author
After completing undergraduate and graduate degrees from Converse College, Lynn C. Skinner began a typical life of teaching, marriage, children, carpools, lunches and laundry. It was not until her husband retired that she began to think in more relaxed ways. Her mind started churning with story lines of character building, creative thinking and problem solving. "Eugene and His Go-Kart Machine" was inspired by her son and memories of his small child play.

Polly Rushton, illustrator
After moving to Georgia as a war bride, Polly Rushton began her life as a wife, mother and volunteer. Through her many talents, energy and thoughtfulness, her life has been very busy with projects. She previously illustrated the Uncle Fuddy Duddy series and insists that drawing and painting are just a few of her interests. Her stories and experiences are many.
Polly Rushton passed away on April 30, 2014.

Pharis Davis, illustrator
Since art and writing are my passions, I am glad to be a part of Eugene's book family. Sharing with children through art and stories enhances imagination. Since imagination produces creativity and developed creativity gives us art, hopefully, Eugene's stories and art will encourage children.

Ingrid Dohm, illustrator
Ingrid Dohm is an award-winning artist based in Rockford, Illinois. Well known for her signature floral still lifes, her body of work spans an impressive array of subjects: landscapes, street scenes, and portraits, to name a few. The tie that binds this diverse body of work together is the consistent beauty, the lush and vibrant use of color, and the controlled technique that result in the unique elegance of her original artwork.


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